Transformational Life Coaching

Knowing who we are and why we do the things we do is an essential step in awareness as we grow and evolve as human beings living on Earth. It’s this awareness that pulls us out of our reactionary state and into a state of being or cause – we are no longer at the whims of what happens to us – we are the creators of our reality and our experience.  

As you put in the work to grow, change and transform yourself, those around you see the possibilities for change that they might have as well. It’s in doing this work that helps us begin to change the World, it starts with a personal journey that expands into a journey of community. 

Who is Transformational Coaching Right for?

Are you having some difficulty showing up in the World as the very best version of yourself?

Are you doing ‘all the right things’ but something just isn’t clicking, be it in your work life, relationships, home life or spiritual life? 

​Are you looking for a way to integrate the many facets of who you are into a more cohesive expression of yourself

Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness and want help making sense of it all to live a full, embodied life?

If these questions struck a cord or rang true for you, Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching may be a great fit for you. Our clients are often those who have a deep awareness of themselves (or are seeking this), have a strong spiritual connection (even if they can’t name it yet) and are looking for help in cultivating a way to show up fully, as their whole, unique self in the World in all aspects of life. Our clients may have had experience with coaching or therapy previously, and would consider themselves well functioning adults, yet something feels like it’s missing, or missing the mark so to speak. They are showing up in their lives, but want to step into a more full, whole, and authentic expression of their true being-ness in the World. 

Our clients come to us seeking any number of intentions and goals, including (but not limited to):

  • Connecting with your true divine self
  • Creating more peace and ease in life
  • Learning better skills for navigating change
  • Gaining confidence to show up more fully in life 
  • Learning to trust your intuition 
  • Understanding and connecting to your purpose in the World
  • Help navigating the world of chronic or terminal pain and illness
  • Healthcare workers who are burnt out and seeking a sense of meaning

Life coaching is great for those who:

  • Are high functioning adults with the ability to reflect on their experiences 
  • Want to better understand why they do the things they do
  • Want more insight on transforming limiting patterns, programs, beliefs and concepts
  • Are ready to confront the limitations of the ego and move through resistance 
  • Are ok with being uncomfortable and confronted with their limiting programs, beliefs and resistance
  • Are curious about who they are and desire becoming their best self
  • Are coachable – are open to new ideas, beliefs, concepts and are open to challenging those that they hold as true
  • Are ready, willing and able to put in the work to unearth the changes they are seeking in their lives

Life coaching is not:

  • Psychotherapy / Psychiatry 
  • Used to diagnose or treat illness or disease 
  • A one stop shop to fix all of life’s problems
  • A modality that is done ‘for’ you or ‘to’ you
  • For anyone who is not ok with facing discomfort through their growth process
  • Guaranteed to fix your problems or achieve your goals for you – you will get out of this program what you put into it. 

What Can I Expect with Transformational Life Coaching?

Your journey into Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching actually begins when you fill out your application form for coaching. This process is you claiming your intention for the direction you want your life to move in. Kim will review your application and if it feels like a resonant match you will be invited to set up your first appointment. 

Each package includes a 60 minute first coaching session where we can get to know one another and set some goals and intentions for our work together. This model of coaching extends beyond just our one on one sessions, you may often be given homework, journalling prompts and meditations to complete in between sessions and asked to follow up via email to deepen the process. 

Generally, one on one sessions are spaced 2 weeks apart, giving ample time for you to reflect and implement insights gained in your session. Sessions are not strictly prescribed based on a protocol, but intuitively guided by Kim and yourself as you move forward in your individuation process.  

Sessions may include:

  • Shadow Work – where we will investigate and shed light on a triggering situation or person in your life
  • Emotional Power Integration and Exploration – where we will work with a specific emotional response that is coming up, gaining new insight and awareness around it
  • Guided visualizations and meditations – specific to your needs at the time
  • Goal setting – clarifying and unpacking goals you have and the blocks to them
  • Moving through resistance – identifying and breaking through resistance
  • Dream analysis and interpretation
  • Working with your Archetype – we can work more deeply with your archetype to understand your strengths and challenges as it arises. 

What is the Jungian Model of Coaching?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology and psychoanalysis.  Born near Basle, and working mostly in Zurich, Switzerland, he first became a physician and then entered the emerging field of psychoanalytic psychiatry.  Through his personal experience, his work with patients, and copious research, Jung developed ideas and methods of inquiry that have deepened and broadened our understandings of personality, psychodynamics, and the shaping energies of social history. Over time, his ideas and methods of investigation have profoundly influenced the humanities, the arts, psychotherapy, religious studies, and many other fields. Many of Jung’s concepts have entered the mainstream of our language and culture: complex, archetype, persona, shadow, introvert, extravert, typology, collective unconscious, and others.

Jung believed that most of our questions, most of our sufferings, arise from the distresses of the human “soul,” which is the original meaning of the Greek word psyche.   His work invites a new form of dialogue between ego consciousness and the “soul,” the latter being approachable only through our effort to understand our symptoms, our inexplicable life patterns, our compensatory dreams, and so on.   This dialogue serves as a form of psycho-spiritual enlargement in which one is able to contain more opposites rather than be split by them.  

Jungian analytic work does not remove one from the world, but brings a more differentiated consciousness to bear for participation in intimacy, parenting, social relationships, and creative responses to the challenges of life.  Jungian psychology obliges an on-going discernment of personal authority from amidst the cacophony of claims upon our lives, and a reality-based move toward living that authority in respectful but more authentic relationship to others.

Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious describes how the timeless realm of the human psyche links us to our ancestors, and shapes our culture and our personal responses to the demands of daily life.  His work is a summons to personal accountability in the face of the complexities of life.   While wholly compatible with a secular culture, Jung also notes that our choices and their consequences constitute an operating spiritual perspective, a mode of life that may increasingly lead to a more meaningful journey.   Jungian psychology invites a deepened dialogue: with oneself, with others, with collective society, with history, and with whatever transcendent energies move us and move history.

Jung believed the language of archetypes, and therefore of the unconscious, is manifest in symbols and images, which entice us with their numinous power to enter into relationship with them and to participate in a reciprocal act of transformation. The term numinous can describe an encounter with expressions of the unconscious in the form of powerful images and emotions. From this, we begin to gain a much larger sense of what Jung called the Self, an ordering, regulating harmonizing and meaning-giving agency of the psyche. The Self, according to Jung, is an inner guiding factor, and the totality of the psyche. It is this central archetype around which we circumambulate and gain experience, instinctively seeking wholeness in the process of individuation 

Jung believed we spend the first half of life or so developing our ego so it becomes a strong vehicle to carry us through our experiences: thus we can mature, learn, find a way to support ourselves, relate to others in our culture, form relationships, raise children, etc. However, halfway through our lives, the larger entity Jung called the “Self” knocks at our door, driving us toward finding greater meaning and increasing wholeness. In this process, we re-establish with the unconscious ground we left through conditioning and logical processes while growing up. According to Jung, only a well-developed ego is strong enough to encounter the increasing manifestations of the unconscious and its archetypes. During the process of individuation, the call to self-improvement in the second half of life, we become conscious of the Self. In regarding it, we allow it to influence us and help us grow.

The time is now for you to take a step forward for you, and you alone. Are you ready?

I offer a variety of coaching packages to meet you needs and ability. Packages are based on the number of sessions provided and must be used within the timeline agreed upon. All packages of session include modalities and support as needed that is tailored to you, this may include:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions (our first session is 60 minutes and follow ups are 45 minutes)
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Downloadable meditations and visualizations to use on your own
  • Any of the modalities listed above (shadow work, guided visualization, somatic work, dream interpretation, remote healing, intuition development, timeline healing, hypnotherapy, etc)

Coaching programs are as follows:

  • 5 Session Jumpstart program: $1125
  • 10 Session Shift Program: $2150
  • 15 Session Transform Program: $3075

Once a program is completed clients are offered additional programs at an additional discount, or single sessions at a discount.

Single sessions are only offered to established clients at this time.