Free Monthly Meditations for Growth & Transformation

Every month on a Wednesday at 6pm pacific time, Kim is offering a free meditation! These last 30-60 minutes and are themed with a specific intention for each meeting.

All registrants receive the link to join the live meeting and a recording of the meditation after to use on your own, so if you can’t make the live class you will still get the recording!

Click the buttons below to register for any or all of the meditations!

Breakthrough Your Comfort Zone
Wednesday July 5th 6pm PDT

Are you feeling stuck? blocked? know you need to make a change but are fearing the unknown possibilities that lie on the other side of it? July’s meditation is designed to help you break that glass ceiling, feel a little more are ease with the fear of the unknown that might be hindering your progress and step into you highest path forward.

Shadow Heart Integration
Wednesday August 16th 6pm PDT

We all have things or qualities about ourselves we don’t like, or even find unacceptable. Maybe these things show up in what triggers you in others and we aren’t even aware of how it relates to us. We call these qualities and triggers pieces of our shadow, and they are easy to shun, shame or reject… but doing that only makes them grow larger and more powerful. August’s meditation helps us make peace with one of these qualities and integrate it with compassion into our consciousness and higher heart, which can help you move forward feeling more present and connected with yourself.

Creativity Visualization
Wednesday September 13th 6pm PDT

Being creative requires us to be in a flow state, a state of surrender and letting go that allows for that inspiration to drive us forward. When that pathways gets blocked or stagnated it can really put a damper on our creative genius. September’s meditations is all about touching back in with our creativity and letting it flow again!

Reclaiming Your Power
Wednesday October 11th 6pm PDT

When we are in a state of power we are in alignment with who we truly are, our divine nature and true essence. We are able to weather change and discomfort without needing to hide away so easily, and we are able to create abundance in our lives with ease. Join me in October to reactivate and reclaim your power!

Healing Our Relationship with Food & Body Image
Wednesday November 8th 6pm PST

A personal journey of mine has been moving from a lifetime of dieting and hating my body to more acceptance, understanding and neutrality through intuitive eating. In November we will have a mini-course and meditation going over some key aspects of navigating eating during the holidays when a lot of guilt, shame and judgement can arise.

True Self Activation
Wednesday December 6th 6pm PST

The New Year is incoming! Let’s activate our divine true nature and tap back into who you were really meant to be. The true self activation helps you set the tone for your authenticity and connection to yourself, a powerful activation to leave you ready to take on the year ahead!

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